Music Videos related to The Evil Dead

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Music Videos related to The Evil Dead

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Well, just a few interesting music videos connected in one way or another to "The Evil Dead" and sequels.
Love Automatic - Nightmare
A cool claymation video by cult director Lee Hardcastle, obviously inspired by, among other things, "Evil Dead".
George Harrison - Got My Mind Set On You
A great 1987 song and video from an ex-Beatle George Harrison... And... Just watch and think of what it reminds you with all this.
I wonder whether director Gary Weis came with the idea, or Harrison himself, but for me it seems obvious that it has something to do with "Evil Dead II"...
And, the last, but not the least...
Iggy Pop - Cold Metal
Just discovered that crappy transfer (still, probably, the only one ever made) of a great video by Iggy Pop and... was directed in 1988 by none other then Sam Raimi himself! It's even hard to catch all of his trademarks in here but it was especially weird to see vortex visual effect re-used.

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