Found some lobby cards

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Found some lobby cards

Post by glockguy »

hey there need alittle help.... unpacking some boxes and found these lobby cards. About 16years ago I was up at kent state to meet up with Tom Savini and traded some fri the 13th cards for these. Do they have any value, or are they just really cool collector items.. any info would be great. I cannot find these anywhere on the net.. I am a huge fan, just not a collector of things, as I move very often. thnx

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Re: Found some lobby cards

Post by EvilDeadChainsaws »

Hi, these are just the standard US Lobby cards; 3 from The Evil Dead and one from Evil Dead II. They normally come as a set of 6-8 cards, these are just some odd ones and aren't worth much as an incomplete set. Hope that helps! Rob.

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Re: Found some lobby cards

Post by Kloga »

Maybe not a great thing to sell, but if you're a fan - a nice thing to have. :)

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