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Welcome on this site. I am a member/moderator of Deadites Online, but I decided to make my own personal Web page. I hold to specify that this Web page is in no case a site of reference on the Evil Dead movies. In fact, this site is mainly about my personal collection and my creations relating to the Evil Dead universe. It also one resource site for the fans of this series for search, find and purchase some Evil Dead objects or collectibles. For further information on the Evil Dead series, please refer in my page of links where you will be able to choose among a vast choice of sites for thus increasing your knowledge.


August 3, 2003

Quick Info about the Cabin Direction: I receive e-mail sometimes from people who ask me to give the position or direction of the Evil Dead first cabin. Alas, I do not give any more this information, because we received an instruction from the owner who does not wish any more fans on its private ground either. I am sincerely to afflict... :(

Some minors updates will be uploaded in the future.

April 1, 2003

UPDATE - I changed my boring grey theme for a most colourful one. I like this yellow!!! :)

March 23, 2003

I received my Panasonic Tape Recorder RQ-706S this week. This piece is awesome if you are an Hardcore Fan of Evil Dead! I purchased the mine on eBay. I also received the Army of Darkness: Boomstick Edition DVD (Anchor Bay) and it's in my collection with the others.

Evil Dead News are quiet these last days... I still not have the pictures of my dagger... I'll try to put some times on that soon, and I'll finish the Collection section this week.


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