First Online:
July 23, 2017
Initial Production Time:
2 weeks
This website was created alongside the The Super-8 Short Films DVD Boxset, specifically as a 'shopfront' through which to sell these DVDs, and it's the only place you can buy them.

I formerly started work on the site on June 19, 2017. I wrote all the HTML/JAVA code from scratch using Notepad, and the graphics creation & manipulation using GIMP. The site is designed to look somewhat like a Kodak Super-8 film cartridge. It's by far the most advanced website I've coded to date, including entirely replacing <TABLE> elements with <DIV> tags for the first time, as well as using some more advanced CSS coding techniques, including using the 'font-face' rule to display the site in a custom font, using <DIV> styling to create the site's borders, layout and background displays, and CSS styling to manipulate the photos' alignment, border, rotation, drop-shadow and rounded corners.
The Super-8 Short Films DVD1 Boxset, open case
The Super-8 Short Films DVD2 Boxset, open case
The site also required a Paypal shopping cart set up to allow people to place & pay for orders, and dedicated Gmail, Facebook & twitter accounts. It's hosted on my own website webspace, leaving the .com domain name the only real website cost.

The original website was expanded to detail the second DVD release in October 2017. Any further DVD releases would depend on other members of the film making group allowing the shorts they directed/co-directed to be publicly released. Having been in contact with Bruce Campbell directly, it's unlikely the Shorts DVD project will progress any further for the foreseeable future. Of the total sixty-four known Super-8 Shorts, the twenty-two titles released so far through, are the bulk of the titles owned/co-owned by Bill Ward & Scotty Spiegel. Another Fourteen belong to Josh Becker (of which ten have already been released through his website), around eight further unreleased shorts are owned/co-owned by Bruce, Twenty owned/co-owned by Sam, and one by John Cameron. Still, that's more than half the shorts now available on legal retail DVDs, certainly come a long way in just the last seven years.
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