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Re: Monthly Evil Dead Competition

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Hi all, This month's competition is the 'Best fanmade Artwork'. It can be anything Evil Dead related from either The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II or Army Of Darkness. It must be a physical artwork you've created yourself, although it can be a drawing, painting or collage. Computer created images will not be considered, handmade artwork only!

It doesn't have to be something created specifically for this competition, it can be something you did years ago, just as long as it's your own work. Take a photo and send it in. You can enter from anywhere in the world, and the closing date is Tuesday September 30, 2014. The winner will be announced shortly after that, along with the next competition. Check out the Competition page for more information and how to enter. ... _main.html

The prize up for grabs this month is a 1987 Evil Dead II 24-page Japanese Movie Programme (roughly A4 paper sized). While movie programs have long been out of fashion, they're still produced in some parts of the world, Japan is one such example. Movie programmes usually contain the film's synopsis, along with production information, a cast & crew list, and many publicity and behind the scenes photos. This will make a fine addition to someone's collection.
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Re: Monthly Evil Dead Competition

Post by Kloga »

Well, in fact, Ocotber's competition looks a little bit... simple. In fact, so simple, that I'm actually ashamed to try as a contestant as I feel myself a cheater (and that's even though my chances to win are quite degraded first seeing this on the 3rd of October). :( Especially since I've spent a lot of time on identifying any fake shemp I could.
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