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Book of the Dead Fan-edit

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I was wondering if there was some way to get ahold of this. I traded The Matrix Collection with SeeNoEvil a while back (couple of years :P) and I got the Treasures Collection, plus a couple of other movies. I was wondering if there was a way I could get the Book of the Dead version.

Also, I was wondering what the differences are on that versus the new Blu-Ray that came out, because I read that that was the new film source, but the audio track would be back to mono. Why is that?
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Re: Book of the Dead Fan-edit

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More info can be found on both my fanmade DVD releases below;

The Treasures Collection Fanmade DVD (2008) ... ction.html

Book Of The Dead Fanmade DVD (2012) ... _dead.html
I read that that was the new film source, but the audio track would be back to mono. Why is that?
I used the 1985 Japanese 'Herald Videogram' Laserdisc mono audio as it seemed to be the only true mono audio track source available. That is to say, the audio as it was originally mixed. 'Remixed to stereo or 5.1' didn't just mean taking the mono audio elements and panning some of the effects to the left or right speakers. In places the bass and treble levels were in stark contrast and some of the effects and musical elements had been mixed at differing levels in relation to each other to accentuate certain instruments. The section around 28:21 (NTSC) is a good example; As Cheryl runs from the woods up to the cabin door, the background music simply stops in the original mono track, but fades out in both the DVD & Blu-ray versions. Another is around 41:40 where Scotty looks out of the broken cabin window. The wolves howling off in the distance are quite loud in the mono track, but are much quieter in relation to the cabin ambiance/wind in the Blu-ray, and had been removed all together from the 1999 Elite DVD.
I was wondering if there was some way to get ahold of this.
Please contact me if you want a copy. Obviously I can't send out free DVDs to everyone who asks; Uk to USA postage alone for one of my Book Of The Dead DVDs is $4.01, ad in two Verbatim full-face printable dual layer DVDs (another $1.52), the padded envelope, the two-way DVD case, the printed cover, and you're talking $7 a time for one home-made DVD! It all adds up. What I normally do is see what sort of stuff people have to trade, that can be anything from copies of DVD/VHS material, magazines, etc, or if not, I can nominate a retail DVD which they could buy for me which would be a suitable trade for my costs.

I would ask anyone who does get copies of things from my collection, that they NEVER post it online, as it denigrates my collection. Having really rare stuff to trade, enables me to get copies of other rare items from people who wouldn't normally trade them, that's how I was able to get shorts such as Shemp Eats The Moon in the first place, so why would anyone trade copies of their rare items with me, if they could just download my collection from the internet for free posted by someone else? You might say once I have a copy of his stuff, what do i care? well we might trade again in six months, and I might have new stuff on that list which I wouldn't have had otherwise.
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