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The Hellraiser Puzzle Box

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:28 pm
by EvilDeadChainsaws
I was going through some old CD-Rs, and came across some work I did around Hellraiser and the Puzzle Box/Lament Configuration I thought I'd stick up here in case anyone else found it of use.

In 2001 I was messing around with various projects in Macromedia Shockwave, and I made a solvable Hellraiser puzzle box. As I remember, my original intention was to make it an 'entry gateway' to a horror website (a website which I never took any further) so a person had to solve the puzzle to enter into the site. Anyway, now the animation is quite useless except for novelty value. You'll need to have the Shockwave browser plugin installed, which you can get Here


Just click on the above image to open the puzzle box in a new window. See if you can figure out how to open it? (Once you have that's the end of the puzzle though)

I also did some work on making my own Hellraiser puzzle box, I used the Screamin' hellraiser box as a base, and cleaned up scans of three of the sides so they could be used as templates for brass etching. (there are six sides on the cube, but each opposing side has a very similar design so to save some work I just did three sides, and each design would be duplicated to make the six faces) You can download the six faces on one 270mm x 185mm @ 300dpi template sheet in the ZIP file linked below. I have included the image in both Photoshop (PSD) & Gimp (XCF) formats, which have the black and white elements as two separate layers.


They are sized to fit on an 80mm x 80mm x 80mm mahogany cube, although I never got this far. If the template is etched out of a very thin brass sheet, then the etchings should stick to the sides of the cube with just Spray-Mount, then a few light coats of varnish over the top should seal it all together. Here is the link;