DVD3 - Josh Becker's Shorts

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Post by EvilDeadChainsaws » is proud to present our third official DVD presentation; a 2-Disc DVD Box-Set. It contains eleven further shorts directed or co-directed by Josh Becker, along three of Josh's 2013/14 SpineChillers shorts, and two of his feature film trailers.

The vintage shorts play in chronological order, and run at 179m 58s alone, but 221m 35s including the SpineChillers shorts & trailers. This release does not come with a commentary track. The titles, dates & running times are as follows;

1. Public Enemy Revisited (1971) - 7m 47s
2. Additional Footage (1971) - 1m 59s
3. Oedipus Rex (1972) - 6m 20s
4. Super Student (1972) - 8m 52s
5. The Case of the Topanga Pearl (1976) - 5m 59s
6. The Final Round (1977) - 26m 15s
7. Acting & Reacting (1978) - 21m 47s
8. Holding It (1978) - 19m 15s
9. The Blind Waiter (1980) - 17m 29s
10. Stryker's War (1980) - 48m 15s
11. Torro, Torro, Torro! (1981) - 6m 46s
12. Cleveland Smith Bounty Hunter (1982) - 9m 08s
13. Sorry I Couldn't Make It... (2013) - 15m 04s
14. Are You On Your Way? (2013) - 8m 43s
15. Estate Sale (2014) - 13m 43s
16. Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except Trailer (1985) - 2m 09s
17. If I Had a Hammer Trailer (1999) - 2m 34s

Josh had these Super-8 shorts professionally transferred & remastered to DVD at CinePost in Marietta, Georgia (with the exception of Torro, Torro, Torro!, which is from a VHS source). It's worth noting that the vintage content available on this release is identical to the five DVDs which Josh sold through his website '', between 2010 - 2016. The DVD authoring has been tweaked, menus added, and given proper packaging, but the actual transfers are the same. Further, the Torro, Torro, Torro! & Cleveland Smith Bounty Hunter transfers here are the original full edits, unlike the shorter versions on DVD2, and the transfer of Stryker's War has it's original musical score, unlike the version included on the 2012 Synapse Films Blu-ray & DVD Combo release of Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except.

You can place your order via the newly updated, where you'll also find more information on this release. As we're still in the duplicating phase, we expect the first batch of deliveries to be sent out in 1-2 weeks.




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Re: DVD3 - Josh Becker's Shorts

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Gotta say, a lot of love when into these releases. Really love the packaging and insert.
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