US PREMIERE 15 October 1981 Redford Theatre, Detroit Michigan

Sam Raimi (l) and Ethan Coen (r) at the premiere
For the US premiere the film was shown under its original shooting title, 'The Book of the Dead'. The final reel was delivered to the theatre by Raimi's close friend Ethan Coen who arrived from New York just in time for the screening. Ethan's brother Joel had served as the Editor for the film. the Coen brothers would go on to be Oscar winning film-makers themselves but not before collaborating with Raimi again, firstly by co-scripting Raimi's second movie CRIMEWAVE (1983), then Raimi served as co-writer for the Coen's own project THE HUDSUCKER PROXY (1994), with Raimi also acting as second unit director

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EUROPEAN PREMIERE May 1982 Cannes International Film Festival

The film was most significantly taken to the Cannes Film Festival in May of 1982. It was here that the film garnered the reputation that was to follow it to this day thanks to the attention given by horror/fantasy writer Stephen King who referred to the film as "...ferociously original..." and "...a black rainbow of horror...".

Here the film was bought for distribution by Films Around the World representative Irvin Shapiro. With the film's commercial potential now recognised, largely due to the quotes given by Stephen King, the film's title was shortened to the more paletable 'The Evil Dead'. US distribution was then subsequently sold to New Line Cinema.

UK PREMIERE October 1982 London Film Festival

The first time the film was premiered under its new title of 'The Evil Dead'.It recieved rave reviews for its originality and visual style. This movie had a buzz around it before it came to Britain thanks mainly to the quotes made by Stephen King in a review of the film submitted to the November 1982 issue of 'Twilight Zone' magazine. It was this article that carried the now famous quotes that parade gracefully on almost every video cover and poster for the film.

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Other Release dates


10 February 1984 - General Release


24 August 1983 - General Release

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