Dawn Of The Dead - Ultimate Soundtrack Site
First Online:
May 16, 2009
Initial Production Time:
9 Weeks
This 2009 website was created to catalogue the research as part of the Dawn Of The Dead - Extended Cut Ultimate Soundtrack project, which itself was an offshoot of an earlier project; the Dawn Of The Dead - The Ultimate Cut. The website is really just a simple index page, linking to a number of Text files, with a second page of general project information, credits & links. It's the research/information itself which is the most important element, so I never bothered with anything too fancy.

I started this project on the 12th of April 2009, when I made contact with someone who was selling large collection of various old library LPs. He had already recognised & listed selected Dawn cues on a number of the LPs he was selling, that weren't on any of the released CDs I had; the Trunk 2004 unreleased library tracks CD, the bootleg 2 CD 'Complete' soundtrack & the Goblin Zombi score. I decided it would be worthwhile to work with him and others, to make a complete list of every single cue used in all three versions of Dawn Of The Dead.

I decided to take a more technical approach than just trying to find random tracks I liked. I took the Anchor Bay ultimate edition four disc DVD box set, and copied the audio track from each of the three films to my hard drive. I then used an audio multisequencing program to edit every single piece of music used, into it's own individual sample file. Then I gave each track it's own listing in an index text file. Approaching the project from this angle meant that nothing could be missed, if I still had unidentified tracks left at the end, then I knew hadn't identified everything, and I had a sample of exactly what I was.

While doing this, I was also working the project from the opposite end; making various other online contacts to try and get copies of all the tracks & albums I knew I might need. It was only once I had started, that I found that someone else had already done much the same sort of thing. Chris Stavrakis posted a cue sheet to his website LivingDead.com (now defunct) around March of 2001, giving a supposedly complete list of all 58 cues used in Dawn.
A few months after this first cue sheet was posted around October of 2001, the Chris was contacted by Library LP collector & Dawn fan; John Toman. With his help, some entries on the list were removed, some added & some corrected.
Having now identified most of the tracks used, I now know that there were some errors in those listings. There were some little mistakes in naming & reference numbers, Some tracks were mistakenly listed, which turned out not to have been used, and others notable tracks were left off the list altogether. That said, the cue sheet did put me far ahead of where I would have been, and due credit goes to the wemaster; Chris Stavrakis, Dawn fan Patrick Doody, Music Supervisor Llyswen Vaughan and the assistance of DeWolfe's New York manager Mitchel Greenspan who collectively assembled it.

In searching though the De Wolfe, Rouge & Hudson LP back catalogue, and to make my life easier, I produced a corrected version of the above second list. This fills in the unknown/missing details & makes some corrections to minor listing mistakes, but essentially the list of named (correctly & incorrectly) tracks is identical.
I did recognize one of the old cue sheet's tracks; 'Barry Stroller - Speed' as actually having been used in the Romero 1973 Dawn pre-cursor; The Crazies, although I haven't taken this any further, but might in the future as I know The Crazies also uses many similar library cues. Actually my cue list puts the number of library cues used across the three films (identified & unidentified) at nearer 86 (and this does not include any of the 17 released Goblin tracks). Credits for this project also go to Boogiejuice69 (Darren Stuart), John Toman, Allen Lighthiser, and of course Chris Stavrakis. Without their input (and large collection of library LPs) this project would not have been possible.
I have posted my working project files, including the MP3 sample clips taken from the Anchor bay DVD box set on a filehosting website for anyone who wants to download them. Above you'll find a link to three ZIP files. Each one has all the sample tracks as MP3 files, along with a track listing text file, and two winamp playlists; one plays all the tracks, one just plays the unidentified tracks. All three ZIP's are dated, so you can see the last time any of them were updated.

Once I thought I had got as far as I thought I could get in the project, I assembled all the findings into a website which preserves the information I have collected and makes it easily accessible to other fans, where you can see the cue listings themselves, along with more information about the project via the link below. This site was later taken up and integrated as a sub-site in the popular zombie genre website HomePageOfTheDead.com, although my mirror has since been updated.
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