Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

Information on how to get a copy of the current DVD box-set
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Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

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23/03/14 NEWS:I've been doing copy runs every so often for nearly four years, with probably close to 100 sets sent out (at 24 discs per set). It was always a really arduous never-ending task, and no sooner was I done and there were more people on the waiting list. I now want to move on. I won't be doing any more Gamesmaster sets UNLESS someone comes forward with new/upgraded footage (in which case everyone who already has a set will be contacted with the opportunity to buy any upgraded discs, but again I won't start selling new sets).

I'm still always happy to produce copies of some of my smaller scale DVD projects which you can see here;

This forum along with the Gamesmaster MP4 files will remain online so people can still download those, just not buy DVD sets. The Gamesmaster DVD ISO files come to around 170GB, the Bad Influence ISOs another 50GB, so if someone REALLY wants them, then the only thing I can offer is for someone to post me a hard drive (internal or external) onto which I can copy all the ISO files/artwork, then mail it back to them, and they can write the discs themselves, I can even include the right sized DVD cases, I have plenty of spares of those.

If you're looking to buy a Gamesmaster S1-7 DVD Box-Set then you're in the right place. If you just want to watch episodes and are not too bothered about getting a proper physical set, then check out the lower quality MP4 versions which can be found in this forum's download area here. So, this top bit is just to give a simple introduction to new forum members. You can continue to read the remainder of this thread below to get an idea of how this came about and built up over time, or read a formal write up of this project on my Online Project Showcase page here;

Gamesmaster DVD Boxset Online Project Showcase Page
(You can also check out some of my other projects on the same site)

The current DVD set covers all 126 episodes over series 1 to 7, in medium VHS up to to near DVD quality, spread over 24 discs, all with printed disc art, DVD cases & covers. As of the December 2011 upgrade project; Series 3 Episode 24 (Crash Test Dummies - Slick & Spin) is the only episode which is still missing any footage (about 5mins off the end), so that's over 52 hours of nostalgia! You can read more detailed info on the status of each episode in the DVD set on this listings page;

Gamesmaster S1-7 Upgraded DVD Box-Set Listings Page

I keep a running list of buyers, and when I get enough names (usually four or more), I do a run of copies, so if you get in contact, you might need to wait for a few weeks. It's worth bearing in mind that this was a huge task, with the DVD set as it is drawn from a total of about 80 VHS tapes between the original transfers and the various upgrades. Starting back in February of 2010, I've devoted literally months of my spare evenings & weekends and have put so much hard work into this. The cost for each box set is as follows;

Gamesmaster S1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set
(Everything; all 24 discs; 21 dual & 3 single layer, each with printed disc art, cases & covers, and packing & postage)

£57.38 (includes packing & UK Royal Mail Recorded Delivery)
- OR -
£58.38 (includes packing & UK Royal Mail Special Delivery)

All the dual/single layer discs I use are all Verbatim '+R' which have just about the best compatibility rate of any single/dual layer media you can buy, written at a low x4 with a verify check pass. I can also offer copies of other projects I've done including
  • The Mary Whitehouse Experience 5-DVD Boxsets
  • Dick Spanner DVDs
  • Clive Barker's A-Z Of Horror 3-DVD Box-sets
  • Bad Influence S1-4 12-DVD Box-sets (not my work)
  • Knightmare S1-8 12-DVD Box-sets (not my work)
  • The Big Breakfast, 54 x Four-Hour DVDs (virtually every show from the first on 05/10/92 upto 22/09/93 (not my work)
Plus a Gamesmaster A3 poster which you can find at the bottom of this page. As always, if you have any original Gamesmaster Channel 4 VHS recordings and you think you can offer any upgraded material, please do get in touch. The three people so far who've kindly loaned me their VHS tapes for transfer each got a free DVD box set, so it's well worth it!


I was going to post this once the project was 100% finished, but I'm making this preliminary post to inform people about this, and to see if anyone can help me out with something. I will add some more bits to this post as I get time over the next few days

About six weeks ago, with the help of a few other GML users, I got together with someone who had virtually every episodes of Gamesmaster on VHS, and I have been working away on transferring each one to DVD, as well as encoding XviD versions, and making DVD covers, menus & disc art for each series, hopefully finally producing the all time definitive Gamesmaster DVD box set.

So far, I have already completed DVDs for series 4, 5, 6, and 7, and am currently working on series 3, which all have a complete compliment of episodes (an odd 6 out of the total of 90 shows over S3/4/5/6/7 were missing from the VHS tapes, and were filled in using existing AVI versions). Series 1 & 2 will follow over the next few weeks. Although the source is VHS, the quality ranges from fair to outstanding. To keep the quality as high as possible, I'm using dual layer DVDs each with 6 episodes. series 1 will be a two disc box-set (10 shows), series 2 & 3 will be a five disc box-set (26 shows each), series 4, 5 & 6 are three disc box-sets (18 shows each), and series 7 is two discs (10 shows). All together this will be 23 discs for the 7 series'. If you what to know the technical details of the transfer & encoding process I'm using, see this forum post, detailing another of my recent projects.

Once everything is finished, I'll add in more information about how people may be able to get these, but for now I need some help. I'll be starting the series 2 transfer in about a 10 days, but this is the first series for which I am missing some episodes, and the episodes I do have, vary wildly in quality from virtually perfect down to fuzzy with heavy snow/noise. Basically I'm making this post to see if anyone out there has any odd Series 2 shows on VHS tapes which I can borrow to transfer and use in this DVD, or failing that even some old AVI download versions would be better than nothing. Here is the full correct series 2 running order, I have the shows listed in white (in varying quality) and I'm missing the shows in red;

Episode 01 - Tony Slattery
Episode 02 - Frank Bruno (Boxer)
Episode 03 - Vinnie Jones (Footballer)
Episode 04 - Rory Underwood (Rugby Player)
Episode 05 - Take That (Band)
Episode 06 - 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan (WWF Wrestling)
Episode 07 - Jet & Shadow from Gladiators
Episode 08 - Kristian Schmid (Neighbours)
Episode 09 - John Parrot (Snooker Player)
Episode 10 - Richard Norton (Neighbours)
Episode 11 - Johnny Herbert (F1 Driver)
Episode 12 - Todd Carty (Eastenders)
Episode 13 - Bob Holness
Episode 14 - Linford Christie & Colin Jackson (Runners)
Episode 15 - Ian Wright (Footballer)
Episode 16 - Mark Wingett & Huw Higginson (The Bill)
Episode 17 - Cathy Dennis (Singer)
Episode 18 - Ulrika Jonsson
Episode 19 - Vic Reeves
Episode 20 - Gordon Burns (The Kypton Factor Presenter)
Episode 21 - East 17 (Band)
Episode 22 - Josie Lawrence
Episode 23 - Tony Daley (Footballer)
Episode 24 - Steve Backley (Runner)
Episode 25 - Rod 'Rambo' Linette, Robert 'Bad News' Brown & Tony 'The Lunatic' Dure (Arm Wrestlers)
Episode 26 - Kevin Conway & Shaun Parker (Ice Hockey Players)

If you have any of these 26 shows (obviously not including what's already available in this forums' download section) and would be willing to help me out, please either PM me, or e-mail me via the address on my profile.

To give people and Idea of what I'm doing on the artwork side, here are the S2-7 DVD covers, each release has DVD menus & disc art to match.

Series 2 DVD cover artwork

Series 3 DVD cover artwork

Series 4 DVD cover artwork

Series 5 DVD cover artwork

Series 6 DVD cover artwork

Series 7 DVD cover artwork


Just thought I'd bring people up to date on this project, I'm still working on series 3, but I've uploaded some files for people to see. Where any given source VHS episode is missing either part or all of the start/end credits, or the intro/outtro advert break, I have edited these back in from other episodes making each one fully complete. The AVI video is encoded using Virtualdub as a 2-pass Xvid using Koepi's Xvid Codec 1.2.2 (07-06-2009) at 1585kb/s. Everything is being captured interlaced (which is being left on the DVD versions) for the AVI encodes I'm used Donald Graft's Smart Deinterlacing Filter 2.8, as well as resizing the picture down from 720x576 to 640x480. The audio is being encoded at 160kb/s stereo using the Fraunhofer Radium MP3 1.263 Pro Codec. Each of the 24 minute files are coming out around the 300mb mark.


Just completed the S3 box set, and will be starting on S2 in the next day or two. Not had anyone come forward with the missing episodes so it looks like they'll just have to be missed off the set.

I've also uploaded more & better quality DVD covers for the set, see above.


Nearly finished series 2, should have it all done over the weekend. I found one of the missing episodes hidden away on a series 1 tape I'd overlooked; Episode 11 is now Johnny Herbert. Adding this back in re-arranges a couple of the episodes to correct the series' chronology. You can see the revised list above. Episodes 18 (Ulrika Jonsson) & 24 (Steve Backley) are still missing but at least we have a full show listing and know exactly what's missing from the set now.

Again I am including a proper MPEG2/AC3 encode of both TV advert versions, along with the AVI versions on the S1 DVD-ROM folder.

Even though high quality rips already exist, I will still be doing series 1 DVD/XviDs, as the source tapes I have are all similar in quality to the Challenge TV rips, but are recorded from original Channel 4 airings so don't have the on screen Challenge logos.

Although I've already completed the DVD/Xvids for series 5, 6 & 7, I'll be revisiting them once series 1 is completed as since doing them I have since got a number of better quality episodes to swap out for existing poorer quality shows. Series 2, 3 & 4 are unaffected so the Xvids will be uploaded soon. series 1, 5, 6 & 7 uploads will follow once revised & completed.


Still Working through S1, here is are DVD cover artwork for this series;


8-1/2 out of the 10 episodes were present on the source VHS tapes, episode 3 (Annabel Croft) was completely missing, and episode 7 (Kendo Nagasaki) only had the first half, both of which have been made complete with Challenge TV footage, little sections of which is also used in another 4 shows with little bits missing around the advert breaks. I've stuck with the VHS tapes wherever possible, but in some places gone with the Challenge TV footage where I had no alternative.

The Challenge footage I'm using is direct to DVD recordings from Sky, rather than the AVI encodes, the quality will be the highest it can be. Although the Challenge footage is higher in quality than these VHS captures, it has a number of advantages; it doesn't have the red Challenge TV logo in the corner of the screen, nor does it have a continuity announcer over talking all over the end credits, but it does have the Gamesmaster club contact details after the credits which was omitted from the Challenge TV airings.

I've done some experiments with removing the Challenge TV logo, Using a combination of overlay masking and a logo removal filter. While this works flawlessly in some places, in others you may still notice some strange warping effects in the logo area depending on the background, which is due to the filter stretching in the surrounding pixels to cover up the logo. For short sections, these can be tweaked shot by shot to produce much better results, but this is impractical for entire episodes. Short of precisely painting out the logo frame by frame, there is little else that can be done about this.

Additionally, the widespread Challenge TV AVI encodes have 128k MP3 mono audio, these new AVI encodes have 160k MP3 stereo, and even though the original VHS image quality isn't as good, these new XviD encodes have less artifacting due to a better codec and higher video bitrate.

The Gamesmaster Wikipedia entry, the Gamesmaster forum episode list, and the AVI challenge TV rips, all have S1 Episode 9 as having 'Gary Wilson' as the celebrity guest, although this should be the boxer 'Barry McGuigan'. This has been corrected this set.

As a side note, in it's original 1992 airing, the above Episode 10's reviews section focused on 'adult' games. When this episode was repeated on Channel 4, then later on Challenge TV, this had been censored and replaced with a generic feature on an ELSPA countdown of the best selling console games since the series began. This was presumably because the 'adult' theme caused a few complaints! As this episode is captured from VHS tapes of that original airing, the reviews section is uncensored and plays in full. The repeat's censored reviews section is included separately as an extra (thanks to Jack for the heads up on this info). Here is a full list of the 'extras' which will be on disc 2 of S1

Series 1 End Reboot Into Series 2
Episode 10 Repeat's Censored Reviews Section
Channel 4 Ident Intro Compilation
Amiga 1992 UK TV Full Length Avert
Amiga 1992 UK TV Short Avert
Sega Megadrive 'Barber' 1992 UK TV Advert
Sega Megadrive 'Squeezer' 1992 UK TV Advert

Series 2-4 XviDs have just been mailed to Xenepp, so expect the first batch of uploads shortly.


This project is now complete. A number of people have already confirmed their orders, and this is just a final call for anyone else to get in touch before the final deadline for this big run of copies, which is set at the end of this month (30/06/10), although I will give a week or two after this to make payment as I appreciate not everyone gets their wages at the same time. I may do a second run of copies at some point down the line if enough new buyers are interested, but this may well be your only chance you get to buy this set.[/b]

The Box-set Price is £49.84 (plus £2.07 if paying via Paypal, to cover the transfer fees). This price covers everything; 21 dual layer & 2 single layer discs with printed artwork, printed DVD covers & proper cases, box/packing & UK royal mail delivery. Payments can be made online via Paypal, or cheque/cash/postal order in the post.

This box-set covers series 1 to 7, with 124 of the 126 shows broadcast, only missing two episodes from series 2. Each series has it's own DVD box, with specific DVD cover artwork, disc artwork, and DVD menus. Series 1 is a two disc box-set (10 shows), series 2 & 3 are five disc box-sets (26 shows each, less the two missing episodes), series 4, 5 & 6 are three disc box-sets (18 shows each), and series 7 is two discs (10 shows). All together this is 23 discs for the 7 series'. That's about 49½ hours watching from start to finish! Each series' disc has a DVD-ROM folder, which contains the DVD cover & disc artwork, as well as any additional related material I came across (or was kindly given) during the project, such as series' musical scores, photos and artwork.

This is only being sold as a complete series 1-7 set, I won't be doing each set individually, nor will I be doing reduced rates for cheaper discs or no artwork. I spent months of hard work carefully putting this package together and it comes as it comes. Here are some photos of the set so you know what you'd be getting; ... fronts.jpg ... _backs.jpg ... spines.jpg ... _discs.jpg

Given that time is getting on, it's nearly 20 years since series 1 was broadcast, and VHS tapes don't last forever, you may not get another chance at a virtually complete set like this, so don't miss out!


The 30/06/10 deadline to get in on this first run of box-set copies has how passed, I have a final set list of buyers so I can crack on with it. If you're just reading this page for the first time and would like to get a copy of this box set then please get in contact.

Although you won't be able to get in on this run of copies, I may put together a second run in about 2-3 weeks once I've finished the current one, provided enough new people are interested. A couple of people have already been in touch, so let me know.


The first run of box-set copies is well on the way and will likely be completed & sent out at some point in the week starting the 12th of July.

I have already been contacted by a number of new people interested in getting in on a possible second run, so I'm setting a deadline for applications for that second run as the 18th of July. This will 100% definitely be the last run. Definitely (!). I won't be doing any more duplication runs after this unless they're just one-offs as part of a specific trade or something of that nature, as I'll be completely & utterly sick of doing copies by that point! I appreciate people will still be first reading this thread long after that date, but this transfer project has taken over all my spare time basically since February, so I'm trying to keep a balance. If you're interested, you can PM me, or email me. The DVD Box-set price & specifications will all the same as before.


If you're just reading this for the first time then I'm sorry you've missed out on this project. I started this in February, and it has taken over much of my spare time evenings and weekends since then, and I'm glad to finally be getting my life back to normal. Over both the first & second copy runs there were a total of about 30 buyers, far more than I had originally anticipated. If anyone thinks I'm being overly dramatic, see the photo below, and this is just the first run which comes to just over 500 discs!


Although I'm a relative newbie on these boards, I gather from others that the Gamesmaster fanworld has been littered in previously failed attempts at sets such as mine, and some people have been burned in the past finding it hard to get their source tapes back after it all goes south, and finding DVDs for sale on Ebay. With that in mind I just want to say a final big thank-you to Jack to kindly trusted me with his original source tapes and without whom this project would not have been possible, and also thank all the buyers too.

This box-set need not be the final version, and if anyone out there has either more complete, or better quality source material, I would be happy to re-visit the project, especially for Series 2 which would benefit most. My dedication to this project should be proof enough that I can be trusted with source tapes sent to me, and will put the time in to make a proper job of it. All the artwork & DVD menus are all saved so I can easily re-visit any of the discs in the project if I get new source footage, and all the disc art & DVD covers are fairly generic so anyone who bought the set first time round can just get a revised disc and swap it out for the old one in their existing set, without having to buy/copy everything again.

A few people have requested that I upload my DVD cover & disc artwork, so here is everything in a ZIP file. All the 30 existing DVD box-sets already have DVD-ROM folders on each disc with this same artwork too. ... (176.01mb)


The following post is to all the buyers of the first and second run DVD sets, and may also be of interest those who have/will obtain copies of my DVDs via someone else on this forum.

Someone has just contacted me who may be able to supply the missing episodes from series 2, and I Just wanted to add something I've been thinking about. Even if this particular offer comes to nothing, at various points in the future I will be in a position where I have 'upgrade' discs which would be better (in one way or another) to the discs which were originally. In that event, I would email all the previous 30 buyers, see who's interested, and do one run of copies, setting a single price of something in the range of £1 to £3 per upgrade disc + overall P&P (each one supplied in a paper slipcase with a printed disc label) The old DVD cases & covers wouldn't need to be changed, so the buyers can just swap the new discs out for the old ones.

There may be someone who'll put forward the point that they paid first time round, why should they have to pay anything for upgrades? That's a fair question, so just to set out some numbers; if I upgrade all five discs in series 2, and all 30 original buyers want copies, that's 150 discs, costing £1 for each blank Verbatim dual layer disc, plus the printer ink, a CD sleeve, a padded envelope, postage, and the time involved in doing the new VHS to DVD transfer, re-authoring the discs and making a run of copies, you'll appreciate I just can't send out free copies to everyone.

I'd be interested to hear what people think? Are people they fine with the sets they have, or would they get upgrades given the chance?


As not much is currently happening on the various disc upgrades fronts' (still waiting on people to get back to me), and I'm not yet working on my next project (again, waiting for people to get back to me), I thought I'd use this down-time productively and check back here to see if there are any new people there are who would be interested in getting a copy of this DVD set?

if I can get a couple of buyers together and make it worthwhile, I may do another small run of copies.


I now have enough people signed up to make a 3rd run viable, and am setting the deadline for any additional buyers as Monday the 30th of August. That way I can get the copies turned around and crack on with some of the new projects I'm waiting on.


The deadline for the 3rd run has passed, and all be box-sets have now been set out. That will probably me my last run for a while as I think just about everyone on here who wants a set, has got one. I appreciate new forum users may happen upon this thread, so anyone who is interested please get in contact with me. I'll keep the details of anyone who does, and at some point in the future when if/when I have enough people to make it worthwhile, I'll do another run.


A few months later; unfortunately, nothing ever came of that upgrades offer, but if anyone else out there can help, revisiting the sets is still perfectly feasible. I now have 5-6 names on the new-buyers list, but as making copies is such a big job which takes over my life for a time, I'm still waiting for some more additions before I commit to another run.


Obviously I've skipped few of the old update messages, there was a fourth run, and now a 5th run and upgraded discs in progress, I could only find the first page of this thread cached on the internet, but at least the above has been reposted. I'm still working on the upgraded discs for this set at the moment, but I'll re-write this properly when I get a chance, everyone here at the moment will know what is going on anyway.


Just a quick update to let everyone know that I created the disc images and burned the master DVD discs for S2 last night (up till 2am!) which means that S2 is now completely-complete, and I'll be transferring all the S1 material I have to my PC tonight, then I can crack on with that. It's taken so long as between the 26 episodes themselves, each with a Channel 4 intro, and two adverts in between each episode and the odd C4 promo thrown in, there are over 110 separate pieces of video across the five discs, so it's taken some doing! For those of you interested in the game related adverts specifically, I'm expanding the adverts section on D2 of S1, so you can select any you want to watch directly. Currently I have about 20 adverts to include, far more than was on the S1 D2 previously.


Literally just finished the Series 2 edit, all 26 episodes have been transferred, edited, encoded, watched through, tweaked and encoded again. The next task is to finish off the adverts and put the final DVDs together. Here are the Series 2 capture notes;

All 26 episodes are present and complete between Jack's original twenty-five, Marcus's five and MisterToYou's three Series 2 VHS tapes, with no bits missing.

A proportion of the episodes from those various VHS tapes had at least some portion of the end credits cut off. From episode 14 onwards, every end credits had the GM fanclub details or other such information and most with an individual Dominik voice-over. These have been saved where either the credits run in full on the source VHS tapes, or can be seamlessly edited together with other episodes to make them complete. This means that technically every single episode isn't totally complete as per the original airings, but to all intents and purposes they're all play as full episodes without anything missing. I have only noted this below, where the repaired credits would be 'moderately' different from the originally aired version.

Episode 17 (Cathy Dennis) - About 5 secs of Dom talking over the last bit of the end credits about 3D glasses was missing from all VHS source versions, Have repaired this so it's unnoticeable.

Episode 18 (Ulrika Jonsson) - Nearly the entire section of Dom talking over the end credits was missing from all source versions, what was there, was the same as the previous episode, so transplanted the credits from the previous episode so it's unnoticeable, same repairs as previous episode also now apply here.

Episode 22 (Josie Lawrence) - A 2s section just after the advert break with Dom's Welcome Back advert was missing from all VHS source versions. Used the internet MP4 version to fill in the missing seconds, crossfading into the first available VHS footage.


Sorry all, been a bit lack-lustre on the forum updates front, I've been working every spare second on this project and have been doing most of the updating directly with buyers by email, but I thought I'd put a little time in on here just so everyone else can see. The upgrades project is finally done (phew!), I've set a deadline of Monday the 21st of November for everyone to confirm their orders.

All the episodes are split up across the discs exactly as they were before, so each new disc can be swapped out for the respective old one on people's existing box-sets. It's worth bearing in mind that I've devoted pretty much all of my spare time evenings & weekends for the last 10 weeks, and I've put a lot of hard work into this. I've also used a higher spec PC to do the transfer and better editing & authoring software this time round, improving the final results all round. The upgrades are drawn from a total of 52 VHS tapes which was more than twice as much footage to work through than the original project itself.

You can see more details on the set and upgrades here; ... ox-set.htm but here is a brief list of the discs which have been upgraded in one way or another;

Series 1 - Disc 1 / Disc 2
Series 2 - Disc 1 / Disc 2 / Disc 3 / Disc 4 / Disc 5
Series 3 - Disc 4 / Disc 5
Series 4 - Disc 1 / Disc 2 / Disc 3 / Disc 4
Series 5 - Disc 2 / Disc 3
Series 6 - Disc 1 / Disc 2 / Disc 3
Series 7 - Disc 1 / Disc 2

I'd say that only some of the discs are genuinely worth getting, while the upgrade of others is only very marginal. So with that in mind, here is my two-cents; All nine discs over Series 1, 2, and 3, are genuinely worth getting either in terms of quality upgrades, restored-missing footage, and new extras. Disc 1 & 2 of Series 1 could still do with a further upgrade to remove the last pieces of Challenge TV footage, and Episode 24 on Disc 4 of Series 3 is still missing around 5mins of footage as it was before, but those issues aside these discs are a marked improvement over the previous DVDs. The upgraded discs over Series 4, 5, 6, and 7 are all marginal and probably not worth it. Disc 1 of Series 4 does add back in about 30 seconds of missing footage from episode 1, but the quality of that new footage is not brilliant so would benefit from a further upgrade in the future, Disc 4 Gore Special of Series 4 is now a DVD retail VHS transfer rather than a copy of the retail VCD, but the rest of the Series 4-7 upgrades are just small improvements in quality, some almost not worth it really considering the amount of work involved.

Thanks to everyone for your support in keeping this project going!


I'll be sending a round robin email to all the buyers tonight, just adding message this here for everyone to read. I should be ready to dispatch everyone's orders on Monday the 5th of December, fingers crossed! Been working my ass off since Thursday the 24th of November trying to get everything done, everything totaled comes to around 500 discs, so it's a whole heap of work!

Thanks for everyone's patients, Rob.


Hi all, just to add a final belated update here, the December Upgrades discs were dispatched at the start of December as mentioned above, and since I have done one further mini-run for the couple of people who couldn't stretch to the cost in the run up to Christmas. From now on, all orders will be dispatched by either Royal Mail Registered First Class or Special Delivery, no normal first class or second class options will be offered whatsoever. This is because Royal Mail managed to completely loose one order worth just shy of £100 on the December run. As of the 15th of March (nearly 3 months later!) I finally managed to claim back less than half that cost from Royal Mail, with the remaining loss just being my tough luck. Anyway that's the reason.

As it stands, there are no further episode upgrades waiting on the horizon, but even if this set is the final version, then that wouldn't be the end of the world. As of the upgrades, (S3 - E24) Crash Test Dummies - Slick & Spin is the only episode which is still missing any footage (about 5mins off the end, it would be nice to fill this gap) and there is always scope for quality improvements, but I think getting even this far is a massive achievement!

As always, if you have any original Gamesmaster Channel 4 recordings and you think you can offer any quality upgrades judging from the MP4 versions which can be found in the download area, please do get in touch!


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Re: Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

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Excellent (and much appreciated) work and updates as always, Rob! Very excited at the prospect of owning high quality versions of S2 after so many years. Thanks to those that trusted their tapes with him.

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Re: Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

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Hi all,

I'll be sending a round robin email to all the buyers tonight, just adding message this here for everyone to read. I should be ready to dispatch everyone's orders on Monday the 5th of December, fingers crossed! Been working my ass off since Thursday the 24th of November trying to get everything done, everything totalled comes to around 500 discs, so it's a whole heap of work!

Thanks for everyone's patients, Rob.

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Re: Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

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I know all this is old news now but I just got to say the effort is amazing. I love the box covers!! So much attention to detail. Well done mate, fantastic effort!

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Re: Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

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Cheers, glad to know you've enjoyed it, that's literally months out of my life you have there!

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Re: Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

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And it was well worth the effort. I'm very, very grateful!

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Re: Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

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Krib2501 wrote:And it was well worth the effort. I'm very, very grateful!
Same here. SeeNoEvil is a legend!

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Re: Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

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Re: Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

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First of all, massive thanks to Rob. I was in on the first run discs, then the upgrades, and my thanks go to everyone who provided source tapes.
I found some old tapes in the loft and discovered the last ever episode which i recorded from Channel 4 back in 1998. It is 100% complete, with the
Channel 4 intro, the full advert break which includes Nagano Winter Olympics on PSX and N64, the Mortal Kombat movie, Batchelor's Super Noodles, and more.
Also has the end credits, with the voice-over saying "Yes, it really is goodbye, but the Gamesmaster magazine is still available in the shops, priced £2.75."
The picture quality is ok, obviously this is a 14 year old VHS. There are no sound or picture break-ups. I am only mentioning this in case anyone is interested in an upload, just for nostalgia value. I still have a few more tapes to watch, but i don't think i will find any more. I just wish i had the missing footage from series 3!

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Re: Gamesmaster Series 1-7 Complete DVD Box-Set

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pm'ed about a box set :D

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