This the online store area of the site, detailing a number of items fans may want to buy. It does not cover standard retail Evil Dead Trilogy collectables, just certain worthy items available to legally buy direct from their creators.

The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II 2012 Locations Footage DVD

This personally shot The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II 2012 locations camcorder footage as seen on the The Evil Dead - Locations page and the Evil Dead II - Locations page respectively. It's available to buy via Paypal through this website in two DVD versions which you can read about below. While most people will want the neatly edited single disc version, you also have the option of getting the raw unedited footage across three discs too. The DVDs aren't region coded but they are in PAL format (not NTSC), so anyone ordering from the USA should check their DVD player will play this beforehand.


You can order all the locations footage on DVD. The locations covered include The Evil Dead's Cabin site, Bluff Road Bridge, Clinch River Road/Riverside Road, & Old Highway 25E all around Morristown Tennessee, and Evil Dead II's Cabin, Production House, Bonsal Ballast Pits, J. R. Faison Junior High School, & Anson County Airport in North Carolina. Orders can be shipped worldwide via Airmail at one fixed rate, and the footage is available in two versions;

  • The single DVD version: 49 minutes edited from the raw footage, it's basically what's shown on this site with a few extra minutes. Playable from start to finish, with start & end credits, chapter stops and subtitle introductions.

    Price Each 4.99/$7.99 + S&H

  • The three DVD disc set: Nearly four hours of raw footage as it was shot, playable from start to finish over three discs.

    Price Each 9.99/$14.99 + S&H

  • Both the single & three disc versions

    Price Each 12.99/$19.99 + S&H
All the DVDs are PAL (please make sure you can play this) widescreen Region '0' single layer DVD+R discs, and are supplied in paper slip-cases with printed disc artwork. You can order via the Paypal checkout button below, or send an email direct to  

This footage was filmed personally in 16:9 1080i HD with a JVC GZHM445 PAL Camcorder, which was downscaled to SD 16:9 25p PAL and encoded to DVD. If any media production companies are interested in licensing this footage for use in their own DVDs, then please get in contact.

Footage Copyright 2013 'BookOfTheDead.ws'. Please do not copy,
redistribute, or upload any part of it without expressed permission.

Please Note: As both the current & previous owners of the Evil Dead II Cabin Site did not wish to be identified or appear in any footage released to the public (for obvious reasons), 14m 16s of the total 4h 03m 38s of video which was shot, has been removed from the raw footage covering the Evil Dead II Cabin Site, Production House, Storage Barn, and The J. R. Faison Junior High School, along with blanking a couple of short portions of audio in the footage that's left too. Most of this is simply unrelated general conversation inadvertently captured by the camera while setting up and packing away at each location. The footage in the three disc DVD set still runs at 3h 49m 22s and is literally as complete as it can be without breaching their confidence.

Invaluable DVD

This is a feature length documentary created by film-maker Ryan Meade about special effects creator Tom Sullivan; from his beginnings as a stop-motion Super-8 animator, to his work on The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army Of Darkness and beyond. It features interviews with Bruce Campbell, Scott Spiegel, Josh Becker, Ted Raimi, Rich DeManincor, Betsy Baker, Teresa Seyferth, Ellen Sandwiess, and many others involved.

Invaluable is not available in stores, but it can be purchased directly from Ryan via his Facebook page or the DVD Purchase page. There are three purchase options; $20 for the DVD, $30 for a DVD & poster, and $35 for a DVD & poster signed by both Ryan & Tom. Postage to locations outside the USA will come to a little more though.

A few thoughts; While it is worth the $20 purchase price, there are a number of issues that prevent it from becoming the truly fantastic title it could have been. One big thing that stands out is that so much of the film is drastically over-exposed. This includes the majority of the photos shown, but many of the interviews are over-exposed as well. Further, it does begin to get repetitive towards the end, much of which is just repeating clips from earlier. There are some stylized jump cuts and vintage film overlays, but so many of the interviews just come across as poorly edited rather than artistic, jumping from clip to clip within an interview. Finally, the sections which many die hard fans will find the most interesting were reduced to throw-away shots; looking at all the surviving trilogy props and the locations. The material which was endlessly dwelled upon were the age old anecdotes and material which many fans will have heard before. There wasn't all that much incite into creating any of the effects themselves, how things were done, the materials used, maybe stories that hadn't been told before. A guided talk though Tom's travelling Evil Dead museum would have been a great addition for the fans around the world who have no chance of seeing it in person. Given the level of access Ryan had to both Tom, his original effects, and the locations, this seems like a missed opportunity.

One word of warning; Ryan can be extremely protective over his copyright, he's demanded a number of Evil Dead fansites remove any copyrighted material they used from his DVD, including screenshots & artwork scans, regardless of the purpose for which they were used. That includes the above DVD cover artwork scan on this specific page; a page used to advertise the existence of his DVD to other Evil Dead fans.

Josh Becker's Super-8 Shorts DVDs

Josh becker used to sell a number of the Super-8 Shorts to which he owns the copyright directly to customers via his website. There were five shorts discs available; disc one had Stryker's War, disc two had The Blind Waiter & Oedipus Rex, disc three had Holding It, disc four had Acting And Reacting & The Final Round, and disc five had Cleveland Smith Bounty Hunter, The Case of the Topanga Pearl, Super Student, and Public Enemy Revisited.


Each short had it's original untampered musical score, and all five DVDs came with printed disc artwork (as shown above) in blank paper slipcases. To buy everything cost $60 plus postage, although it was well worth the price with all the profits going directly to the shorts' creator, as well as the fantastic quality of the telecine transfers. Josh would also autograph the discs free of charge if you asked him. Unfortunately in 2016, Josh decided to discontinue selling DVDs though his website, and it's unknown if Josh will re-start or make additional titles available in the future, so currently they are unavailable to buy.