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March 21, 2021 - EvilDeadChainsaws & Ash Vs Evil Dead

The EvilDeadChainsaws page within the Features section, has been given a huge upgrade, with over 1500 new images, downloads and extensive write-ups. It's now split into five sections; 2005-2008, 2013-2015, Mechanical Arm, Ash Vs Evil Dead, and 2020-Present.

The Ash Vs Evil Dead recreated props page has now been completed. You can read up on the following entries; The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II Cabin Clock, The Evil Dead Cellar Projector, The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II Reel To Reel Tape Recorder, Evil Dead II Table Lamp, Ash Vs Evil Dead Modified 'Hand' Chainsaw, Ash Vs Evil Dead Necklace.

Two upgraded script scans have been added, one for The Evil Dead's shooting script on the The Evil Dead - Synopsis page, and Evil Dead II's seventh draft shooting script on the Evil Dead II - Synopsis page. While the content is identical to the previous versions, these upgrades are both scans of original scripts.

One interesting addition has been made to the Evil Dead II Props page, in the Evil Dead II Ash's Boots section; A tiny related detail many fans will have missed, picked up on by UK fan Rhys Johnston in March 2021. Thanks to him for picking that up.

February 27, 2021 - Various Additions

You can now head over to the Features section to read interviews entitled The Evil Dead - Cabin Site Owners. This page covers two interviews; one with the owner of the cabin area from 1944 to the early 1980s while The Evil Dead was being shot, and a second with the owner from 1985 to the present day. Information there, has also been used to update the The Evil Dead - Locations page. Among new insights, you can finally find out who burned the cabin down, and why!

Hold on to your hats folks! the Ash Vs Evil Dead section has finally had a few additions. This includes two new pages; Ash Vs Evil Dead recreated sets & Ash Vs Evil Dead recreated props. Any pages added to this section will only be for material in-so-much as it relates to the original Evil Dead trilogy. Examples might include information on recreated sets & props, and other such directly linked reference information & material which people might find useful. It does not cover wider Ash Vs Evil Dead material unrelated to the original trilogy.

Five entries have been updated with new information and/or images, on the The Rarest Collectables page within the Collectables section; Book Of The Dead & The Evil Dead Official Promotional Badges, The Evil Dead UK Palace Pictures Pre-Cert VHS With Not Guilty Banner (1985), Evil Dead II Crew T-Shirt (1986), Evil Dead II Crew Hat (1986), Evil Dead II Crew Mug (1986)

Extensive photos of a fantastic sixth model; Lucrezia Simmons's Evil Dead II 1:10 cabin scale diorama, have been added to the Cabin Miniature Scale Models page in the Features section. This model has a huge amount of detail, and took seven months to build. Further, as this page is getting bigger & more unwieldy with each new addition (there are currently nearly 300 images), it has been compressed down to make navigation easier. Everything is still there, just click where indicated to expand each entry.

Scans of two additional lobby cards have been added into the existing The Evil Dead - Large Mexican Lobby Cards - 1985 download on the The Evil Dead - In-Print page. Huge thanks to French fan Anthony for scanning these, and further thanks to his research, there are actually at least five card variants out there. They're all identical, save the single B&W photo to the bottom right corner of each one. Hopefully the remaining scans can be added in the future.

Thanks to US fan Alex Maxfield, a document called Renaissance Pictures - LARA Online Filings (1979-1991), has been added to The Evil Dead - In-Print page. This is a 42 page PDF, made up of eight sections. Each section is a separate public filing with the Michigan Department of Licencing and Regulatory Affairs, containing information about Renaissance Pictures partnerships and various other information including The Evil Dead's investor & shares list dated November 9, 1979. This gives a complete list of the original investors, the profit shares they get, and the budgets the production had available. While this highly technical paperwork won't be of interest to most, it may come in useful to researchers, writers and such.

One new magazine scan has been added to the Magazines page & The Evil Dead C64 In-Print page in the Features section; Computer & Video Games - July 1984. This magazine contains an article about the 1984 C64 Palace Software release of their Evil Dead computer game, as well as a full-page advert. The game didn't get a huge amount of coverage in the press, due to the huge volume of games being published at the time, so this is probably an extensive an article as you'll find. On the same page, Empire Magazine #12 (June 1990) has been added into the 'further reading' list, detailing magazines with Evil Dead content, which cannot be scanned & hosted here as the titles are still in print. This issue of Empire has a full page advert for the UK Palace Pictures 1990 re-release of The Evil Dead, and is worth tracking down.

February 7, 2021 - Magazine & Collection Updates

Other unrelated projects have been pressing, so apologies for the lack of recent updates. One new magazine scan has been added to the Magazines page in the Features section; SFX - Cinéma Et Effets Spéciaux #12 - February-March 1994. It's a french language magazine, but has some really nice on-set & behind the scenes photos.

Twenty-one new & revised photos have been added to the BookOfTheDead.ws Webmasters Physical Items Collection page within the Collectables section; numbers 008, 009, 011, 015, 016, 026, 028, 049, 050, 052, 053, 101, 134, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, & 143 covering items bought over the last few months, along with a few older items which had not been photographed to date.

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