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March 13, 2019 - Even More Rare Additions!

Some more rare additions, the first is a new page within the Features section; a page devoted to The Evil Dead Companion book by Bill Warren, released by St. Martin's Griffin in 2001. It's arguably the best book devoted to the Evil Dead trilogy ever released. It's highly recommended reading, and formed the basis for the beginnings of this website. While this new page has a number of interesting pieces, the biggest addition is an early rough draft manuscript copy of the book. This was sent out to various people for their corrections, revisions & ideas. While it wasn't cheap, further huge thanks go to Scotty Spiegel. It runs at 175 pages, and is text-only, with no pictures. As detailed on the opening page, the film transcripts, Army Of Darkness chapters, and the end of the book are all incomplete. Even in this incomplete state, it's noted as still running between 12,000 and 15,000 words too long, so there is a significant amount of material here which was edited out of the finished book.

The second addition is a rare 1979 early Book Of the Dead script which you can read on the The Evil Dead - Production page, with a write-up on the differences from the finished film, along with a downloadable copy on the The Evil Dead - In-Print page, and integrated into the Bart Pierce Interview page, where this version of the script was mentioned back in 2011. Huge thanks to Matthew Powell for kindly providing these scans. Matthew is the director of Evil Dead Uproot; an Evil Dead documentary still in production. If you want to lend your support, he has a GoFundMe page.

One scan has been added to the Army Of Darkness - In-Print page; an Army Of Darkness - UK Guild VHS Poster - 1993, which would have have been put up in UK video stores to promote the films' release.

Finally, it's worth adding that getting scans of rare material such as this, the regular buying & scanning of magazines, and even hosting this site is not a cheap endeavour. If you enjoy reading this site and regularly checking out the latest updates, please consider supporting this site with a Paypal donation via the button above. You can make a one-off donation, or a recurring monthly donation.

March 10, 2019 - Two Further Big Additions

Two really great additions for this update. To start, You can now head over to the Features section to read an interview conducted with Betsy Baker. Primarily a stage actor & singer, Betsy played Linda in The Evil Dead (as well as one other role in a 1981 TV movie called Word of Honor), and only came back to screen acting around 2006, but has appeared in a long list of TV & film productions since then. This is this site's first interview with any of 'The Ladies Of The Evil Dead', so huge thanks for Betsy for taking the time to do this.

The second addition is something truly special; The Evil Dead - The Army Of Darkness; an early 1985 first draft of an Evil Dead II script (the shooting script was the 1986 seventh draft). You can read it on the Evil Dead II - Production page, with a write-up on the differences from the finished film, along with a downloadable copy on the Evil Dead II - In-Print page. This script has never been publicly seen before, and very broadly has the same characters playing the same roles in a fairly similar plot, although there are some huge differences to the finished film. While it wasn't cheap, huge thanks go to Scotty Spiegel.

March 6, 2019 - A Huge Site Update

Thanks to a heads up and help from French fan Anthony a huge new resource had been added to the site; an Evil Dead Trilogy US & UK Newspapers Archive (1976-2008). Find it on the Super-8 Origins - In-Print page, The Evil Dead - In-Print page, the Evil Dead II - In-Print page, and the Army Of Darkness - In-Print page. This is a PDF containing 398 pages of Evil Dead Trilogy related material ranging from 1976 up to 2008. The majority of material is clustered around the trilogy's three release dates, and a fair bit is advertising & short reviews, but there's some very interesting full articles in there too. The archives cover US & UK Newspapers The Detroit Free Press, The Lansing State Journal, The Tennessean, The New York Daily News, and The UK Guardian among many others.

Asides the retrospectives on Renaissance Pictures and individual interviews with the cast & crew, you have many more disparate articles. There are pre-The Evil Dead reviews of Betsy Baker's stage acting, a upcoming Within The Woods 1979 screening announcement, interviews with Ron 'The Ghoul' Sweed, a few 1981 'sneak preview' Book Of The Dead screening adverts, information on The Evil Dead at Cannes 1982, articles on The Evil Dead's censorship issues in the UK, Ellen Sandwiess becoming the General Manager of the Asheville Symphony Orchestra in 1982, and much more!

Further to the above, a few clippings have been added to a number of pages; the Super-8 Origins - Full Shorts List page (under Terror At LuLu's), the Within The Woods - Production page, and The Evil Dead - Production page, along with a fanmade Within The Woods DVD cover by US fan Taylor added to the bottom of the Within The Woods - Photos & Artwork page.

Five new magazine scans have been added to the Magazines page in the Features section; Films & Filming #339 - December 1982, L'Ecran Fantastique #79 - April 1987, Nexus #2 - June~July 1987, The Face #86 - June 1987, and Video Viewer Vol.2 No.9 - March 1983. Also one scan has been added to the Evil Dead II - In-Print page; an Evil Dead II - French Double Sided Synopsis Card (1987), thanks again to French fan Anthony.

Twelve new or upgraded images have been added across the site. On The Evil Dead - Photo Gallery page; numbers 099, 126, & 158. On the Evil Dead II - Photo Gallery page; numbers 047, 255, 424, & 679. Finally on the Army Of Darkness - Photo Gallery page; numbers 224, 404, 783, 795, & 796. (Please note: every time any of the photo gallery pages are updated, the numbers shuffle up or down to accommodate new images, so if they've been updated since this news entry, these numbers may not match exactly.).

A list of new items have been added to the Collectables page; Evil Dead II VHS tapes; French - FOX Video (1991) (Catalogue Number: 528015), and Spanish - Dister Group (1989) (Catalogue Number: 22151876). Army Of Darkness VHS tapes; Finish - Finnkino (1992) (Catalogue Number: T-98352), and Swedish - SF (1992) (Catalogue Number: None). Props & Replicas; Clapperboard (Evil Dead II), & Books Of The Dead Unofficial Replica - Full Replica (Greg Nicotero). Games Advertisment; Evil Dead C64 UK Quad Poster (1984). Movie Press Advertisements; Book Of The Dead Sneak Preview Newspaper Ad (1981), two The Evil Dead US Variety Trade Ad Prototypes (1983), two The Evil Dead US Variety Films Around The World Ads (1983), Evil Dead II US Ad Trade Ad Prototype (By Jeff Ginyard, 1984), The Evil Dead US Magazine Ad Anchor Bay Best Buy DVDs (2002), The Evil Dead US Magazine Ad Anchor Bay DVDs (2003), & The Evil Dead US Magazine Ad Sunrise Records DVDs (2005). Lastly Misc Items; Evil Dead II Script The Army Of Darkness First Draft (1985), Evil Dead II Script 7th Draft Screenplay (May 5, 1986), Evil Dead II Promotional Mini Coffin (1987), and an Army Of Darkness Mini Spanish Standee.

One new item photo has been added to the BookOfTheDead.ws Webmasters Physical Items Collection page within the Collectables section; six Evil Dead Promo Badges mounted in a display.

Lastly thanks to some further research by Jerry Prager, and his friend Leah Leslie, the title of the song under the section entitled 'Shelly & Scott's Singing' on the The Evil Dead - Score page, has been corrected to Word Back Here.

February 15, 2019 - More Additions & Updates

One new entry has been added to Reader's Tales in the Features section, entitled Sam Raimi & The Fixed Competition, submitted by UK reader David. Within that story he mentions a competition prize of a Walkman, customised with Evil Dead artwork. While this specific Walkman was ultimately lost over the years, if anyone else remembers this item or even still has it, please get in touch!

Secondly, two new scans have been added to the Magazines page in the Features section; Screen International #430 - February 4, 1984, which covers a legal obscenity ruling against The Evil Dead in the UK courts, along with political coverage of the UK VRA (Video Recordings Act), known then as the Graham Bright Bill. Also Video Week - August 10, 1987, a British trade publication with a large fold-out Evil Dead II poster, review, and further coverage of the VRA.

Finally, in one of this site's non-Evil-Dead inclusions, eighteen scans have been added to the Dizzy page in the Features section; ZX Spectrum covers & tapes for Fast Food Dizzy (1989), Kwik Snax Dizzy (1990), Dizzy Panic (1990), Bubble Dizzy (1990), Spellbound Dizzy (1991), and Dizzy Down The Rapids (1991)

January 15, 2019 - A Few Little Updates

Firstly, one correction on the The Evil Dead - Score page, under the section entitled 'Shelly & Scott's Singing'. Prior to this update, the song which Scotty & Shelly sing on their way to the cabin was listed as an "old 'Baby Moses And The Thrillers' song", as per the original shooting script, but this isn't the case. The song was actually called Word Back Here; originally written years before in 1972 by Bruce Reynolds, about his long-time friend Jerry Prager. Jerry in turn, later taught it to Sam Raimi during a canoe trip he guided with Sam as his assistant while they were both at Camp Tamakwa. Sam later used this song in The Evil Dead without the knowledge or permission of Bruce or Jerry. It was only in 2019, nearly forty years later, that Bruce and Jerry discovered this and got in contact with this site. You can read more, and see the song's lyrics in full on The Evil Dead - Score page.

Finally, one new scan has been added to the Magazines page in the Features section; Eerie Magazine No.4 - July 1966. While not specifically Evil Dead related, this is a curious entry non-the-less. In a review of The Evil Dead across pages 146-147 of British book See No Evil: Banned Films and Video Controversy Paperback (2000) by David Kerekes & David Slater, the writer mentions a US horror comic strip magazine released in July 1966 called Eerie, as a possible influential source of the film. A number of the basic tenants bear a striking resemblance, The first comic strip story entitled House Of Evil, tells the story of a man who goes to a creepy house in search of his brother. He finds the house abandoned, but discovers a tape recorder with his brother's voice, detailing the house's history, replete with devil worship and demons. The recording summons a zombie creature which attacks him. The following strip; Hatchet Man, tells the story of a maniac, dismembering his victims with a hatchet. In a later strip titled Undying Love!, a man decapitates his lover and she returns from the dead; her severed head talking to him while her body wanders around. Also included is a double page of 8mm movie & soundtrack record adverts, one of which is called Themes From Horror Movies. It includes the theme from The Horror Of Dracula, featured in the soundtrack of the Super-8 shorts It's Murder & Stryker's War, which also uses the theme from The Incredible Shrinking Man, and The Deadly Mantis used in Within The Woods, all among others. While everything here may be entirely coincidental, Sam Raimi would have been nearly seven on the magazine's release, so it's certainly possible.

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