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March 22, 2020 - Collectables Additions

One-hundred-and-five new and upgraded images/item scans have been added to the Collectables section. That breaks down to thirty-two trilogy posters, thirty trilogy VHS releases, twenty-eight trilogy DVD releases, three standees, three promo badges, one t-shirt, one VCD, one OST cassette, and a handful of other assorted bits & pieces. A huge thanks to French fan Anthony for a good few of the entries, along with German fan Peter Ehere, Italian Emanuele Crivello, Australian Harry Ewald, and finally the webmaster of EvilDead2.com; UK fan Kyle Pickup too.

March 8, 2020 - Various Additions

Some interesting new information has been added toThe Evil Dead - Locations page, concerning an oil lantern owned by US fan Dennis Carter Jr, which could-possibly-may be the actual screen used lantern from The Evil Dead, or could just be a complete coincidence. If anyone reading this can shed any light on this item, please get in touch.

Extensive photos of a fantastic fourth model; an Evil Dead II 1:10 cabin scale diorama made in 2019 by UK fan Glyn Williams, have been added to the Cabin Miniature Scale Models page in the Features section.

Six new & upgraded magazine scans have been added to the Magazines page in the Features section; Screen International #336 - April 3, 1982, Screen International #387 - April 2, 1983, Screen International #487 - March 16, 1985, Screen International #524 - November 30, 1985, Video World Vol.5 No.4 - April 1983, and New Musical Express / NME - February 26 1983. Two further new scans have been added to The Evil Dead - In-Print page; The Evil Dead - LA International Film Expo Filmmex Notes - 1983 and The Evil Dead - Peru Lobby Card - 1986. Thanks to French fan Anthony for scans of the last entry.

Finally, Additional information has been made to text on the; The Evil Dead - Amiga Game Demo within the Features section. Huge thanks to Arthur Yin for that.

February 29, 2020 - Various Additions

Apologies for the lack up recent updates, moving house has taken up so much spare time recently, and a fair collection of material to add to the site has been building up, so expect more additions.

Two new pages have been added within the Features section. The first; Book Of The Dead - A Photobook, details a personal Evil Dead book project worked on over four months; from September 2019 up to the end of January 2020. The page includes a free digital PDF version of the book, along with photos of the production process. The second addition is a page devoted to Alex Lanco's Cellar Display. It details a 2018-2020 project by Australian fan Alex Lanco to create an Evil Dead display room, containing many replica props and set-pieces, as well as displaying his huge collection. It's monumental project, more than worthy of its own page.

One new entry has been added into the Fan Collections page; the collection of David Munoz from Texas. Thanks to him for taking the time to do this, and allowing his collection to be added.

Lastly, the Michael Jonascu interview mentioned in the previous update is being worked on. Michael also has a large number of previously unseen Evil Dead II on-set photos, so expect that addition shortly.

January 10, 2020 - Various Additions

As there are now a number of subsections to the Collectables section, the full/main listings page has been sectioned off, so readers don't have to load the huge full Collectables page, while navigating to one of the sub-pages. The link to load the full Collectables page is at the bottom of the main/root page.

Nine items have been added to the The Rarest Collectables page within the Collectables section; It's Murder Promo Postcard (1978), The Evil Dead Book Of The Dead Titled VHS, The Evil Dead CMV LaserVision German 'Necronomicon' DVD (2001), Evil Dead II UK Palace Pictures Theatrical & VHS Promotion Packs (1987), Evil Dead II UK Palace Pictures Video Shop Standees (1987), Evil Dead II US Press Kit (1987). Further, a number of the other photos have been upgraded, and outdated information updated.

Two upgraded scans have been added. One to the Evil Dead II - In-Print page; Evil Dead 2 - US Press Kit - 1987, which has sixteen new press photos, and a better scan of the outer cover. The second scans to the The Evil Dead - In-Print page; The Evil Dead - UK Palace Pictures Video Store DPP Letter - 1985, huge thanks to Paul for sending a one of his spare photocopies.

Over two-hundred new & upgraded photos have been added to the The Evil Dead - An Immersive Experience page within the Features section; Huge thanks to US fan Alfonso Gonzales for taking them. The page now also includes a ZIP file link, to download all 337 photos in their original full resolution/quality.

Details of a Polaroid taken by Bruce Campbell of The Evil Dead's burned down & overgrown cabin location in Morristown Tennessee in 1983, has been added to the The Evil Dead - Locations page.

Finally, all twenty-five copies of the Book Of The Dead - 24 Years Of Evil Dead Projects, A Photobook on the Online Store page have now sold out. Books one to seventeen have already been mailed out, and book twenty is being assembled as of writing. While this book may be expanded & updated years off in the future, for the moment, no more will be made. A huge thanks to everyone who showed their support. This was one of two projects which has left little spare time for recent site additions/updates. The second is an interview with Michael Jonascu; Sam Raimi's PA and assistant editor on Evil Dead II. The interview lasted over three hours and the raw transcription is nearly 30,000 words! Expect this to be added to the site in the next few weeks.

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