This page details two projects; The first is a 2017 project by 33 year-old Italian Evil Dead fan Antonio Pepe to construct a 1:28 scale model of the Evil Dead II cabin, inspired by the work of the films' Art Director Randy Bennett. The second is a personal 2018 project inspired by Antonio's work, to make a 1:25 scale model of The Evil Dead cabin & workshed area. Antonio can be reached directly though his Facebook page; Scare To Scale Miniatures. All the photos can be clicked to enlarge.

James Belohovek's cabin model miniature
Bob Dyke's 'magic lantern' cabin miniature

Evil Dead II features multiple miniature cabin models, including during the stop-motion scene in which Linda is dancing, along with the finale where the trees attack the cabin. That first cabin model was built by Model Maker James Belohovek at Doug Beswick's shop. He constructed that cabin in a forced perspective, while Peter Kuran added the mist & light fog, and Jim Aupperle lit the model. Linda's dancing corpse was animated by Doug Beswick. Less is known about the miniature seen in the finale, although it was built at Bob Dyke's 'magic lantern' studio.

Antonio Pepe's Evil Dead II 1:28 cabin scale model

This first entry is a 2017 project by 33 year-old Italian Evil Dead fan Antonio Pepe to construct a 1:28 scale model of the Evil Dead II cabin, inspired by the work of the films' Art Director Randy Bennett. The finished item is truly astounding, and well worth it's own BookOfTheDead.ws page.

Having studied screenshots from the movie, and researching various related material available online, Antonio began by working out which construction materials would be best to reproduce the texture and look of the real life cabin. He used various materials, including forex, plywood, balsa wood, cardboard and plaster, just to name a few.

The windows & shutters, created in balsa wood
The plaster chimney
Cabin rear, board & batten finish

The front of the assembled & painted cabin, with a porch light
Antonio assembling the cabin

The cabin main room was built in forex, with cut-outs for the windows & main door shapes. He then painted & weathered the wooden log effect finish, using acrylic colours. The rear rooms are built in plywood for the most part. He obtained the board & batten effect simply by gluing vertical strips of balsa wood onto the plywood. The upper clapboard finish, shutters, windows, doors and swing chair are all created in balsa wood of varying thickness, and finished with a personally made wood stain & acrylic colours. The rocky chimney is made of plaster, with hand sculpted & painted stones. The model base is foam; shaped, painted & covered with crushed real fallen leaves.

Huge thanks to Antonio for allowing his work to be showcased here, and if you like his work, please follow him on the Scare To Scale Miniatures facebook page.

BookOfTheDead.ws Webmaster's The Evil Dead 1:25 cabin area scale model

Having spotted Antonio's Facebook post detailing his project in January 2018, I immediately contacted him to see if he was planning on selling cabin models, with a view to personally buying one. He replied that he wasn't, but through sucessive emails enquiring about his working methods, the idea to create my own scale model began. This would actually be my second attempt at making a cabin scale model, my first was in art class school back in 1995. The model (pictured below) was primarily made of foamboard & cardboard, with a light inside so it lit up.

For my new model, rather than simply try to copy Antonio's work, I decided to opt for The Evil Dead's cabin instead. This was both because The Evil Dead is my favourite of the trilogy and held the most interest, and there was no way I could better Antonio's work as he is a far more experienced & accomplished model-maker. I wanted to go in a slightly different direction, so I built both the cabin, workshed, and the hillside compassing both, in the slightly large scale of 1:25 (for simplicity as this roughly equates to 1mm on the model to 1" in real life).

Working from screenshots & photos from The Evil Dead, and from Antonio's advice, I started by building a rough model from cardboard, which would allow me to adjust & toy with the dimensions until I was happy with the overall look. Then I made a rough clay mould and poured the chimney in a liquid plastic, into which I carved the brick detailing with a Dremmel. Just in case anyone else would need one, I made a mould of the final chimney, so I could turn out duplicates.

The house and workshed themselves had a sturdy 5mm plywood core-shape, which allowed me to glue flimsier materials like balsa wood & thin sheet metal to them, while retaining a very strong finished model. They were both primarily clad in various thicknesses of balsa wood & Polyfilla. The roof was made with 0.1mm Aluminium sheet, which was corrugated by rolling over a thin piece of brass rod with a rolling pin over a channel to 'kink' the metal out at regular intervals. They were painted with Humbrol model paints, which could be stippled on with a sponge to give various effects, or watered down to a woodstain with white spirit. 3-volt 3mm Warm white LED lights were added to the main/front cabin room, along with five lights outside along the edge and under the veranda roof. The lights on the outside were wired into a variable resistor as they were a little bright, so can be adjusted.

The 29" by 26" base was made up of a stained & varnished wooden frame, and an inset carved poystyrene block, to give the hillside shape. Pollyfilla and plaster bandage were also used to augment the landscape and neaten off the shape. Twigs, vines, crushed leaves, moss and other assorted bits & pieces were used to detail & complete the model.

The project took fourteen weeks from start to finish, working a few hours most evenings after work. It's still some way off Antonio's standard, was tricker to make, and took much longer than originally anticipated, but the result is still a pretty decent model. Oh, and I certainly won't be making any duplicate models for sale, so don't ask!

In-Progress Project Photos

Below you can see a gallery of in-progress project photos, which you can click to enlarge. They are presented in chronological order and were taken at various intervals over the fourteen week make.




























Completed Project Photos

Below you can see a gallery of photos of the finished scale model, which you can click to enlarge. The first eight photos are night-lit, and the rest daytime. With a model like this, there is really no end to the amount of work you can put into it, the amount of fine detail you can add. I'd never intended to do the inside, or the cellar, but they're both possibilities should I ever re-visit this project.















If anyone out there wants to make their own scale model, you should be able to source all the materials I used from either eBay or local stores, and you can download all the high resolution The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II Blu-Ray screenshots & misc photos I worked from, within a ZIP file below.

If anyone has photos of their own Evil Dead related scale model, or any Evil Dead related replica items, please email them over so they can be added to this site's Collectables - Props & Replicas Section.